Automatic Welding Machine

- Aug 20, 2018-

The automatic string welding machine and the fully automatic single-piece welding machine have the following advantages compared with manual welding:

1The welding speed is fast, the quality consistency is good, the surface is beautiful, and there is no solder unevenness by hand soldering. Equipment welding can avoid the influence of various human factors during manual welding, such as the influence of the skill of the operator, the influence of the physical condition, the shadow of the emotion, etc., so as to ensure the consistency and reliability of the welding.

2 can reduce the number of operators and inspectors, reduce management difficulty and product costs. Nowadays, the labor cost has increased year by year. The annual recruitment is the most headache for the boss. The automatic welding machine can greatly reduce the number of employees.

The welding reliability of the 3 string welder is much greater than that of manual welding. Poor soldering is an important cause of premature component failure. Solar PV modules have a design life of 25 years, while components are usually installed outdoors, with a temperature change of around 30 °C per day, plus seasonal changes, and temperature changes. Since the solder ribbon substrate is pure copper, the coefficient of expansion of copper is about six times that of silicon (cell). This difference means that as long as there is a change in temperature, the solder joint and the cell are welded. As a result, poor soldering can result in reduced component power and, in severe cases, component failure. There are many reasons for poor soldering caused by manual soldering, such as the temperature of the soldering station, the application of flux, the temperature of the soldering iron, the proficiency of the personnel, etc. Some aspects can be solved through effective management, and in some cases, Fully controlled, the automatic stringer can be well solved for the factors affecting the welding reliability during the manual welding process.