PE Pipe Hot Melt Butt Joints Shall Meet The Following Requirements

- Aug 20, 2018-

1) Clamp the socket end of the pipe and fitting on the butt welder and clean the socket end.

2) Move the movable clamp, plan the joint surface of the pipe and pipe fittings on the milling cutter, remove the milling cutter, and check the joint surface of the pipe end so that the gap is no more than 0.3mm.

3) Straighten the two corresponding parts on the butt welder so that they are on the same axis, the wrong side should not be greater than 10% of the wall thickness.

4) Place the heating tool between the two joint faces. The tube on the butt welder is brought close to the heating tool and a certain pressure is applied, and the direct motion melts to form a smoothly symmetrical cuff along the entire outer circumference of the pipe.

5) After the heating is completed, the connected parts should be quickly separated from the butt heating tool, and a uniform external force is applied to make it completely contact to form a uniform flange.