The Invention Of The Handheld Extrusion Welding Machine

- Nov 16, 2020-

The task of the present invention is to provide a handheld extrusion welding machine. The present invention, especially for the extrusion worm, can support the extrusion worm in a driving device with a transmission mechanism extremely compactly, in order to design the extrusion welding machine as short as possible.
According to the invention, this task is accomplished by a hand-held squeeze welder having the features in the independent claims. Other advantageous structural solutions can be found in the dependent claims.
According to the present invention, the hand-held extrusion welding machine has an output shaft which is arranged in the bearing flange and is rotatably supported. A transmission output gear is fixed on the output shaft at the end of the tank side. The output shaft has one, preferably one, socket for squeezing the fixed handle of the worm with a polygonal cross section. The polygonal cross-section uses simple means to optimally transmit torque to the fixed handle. A bearing flange for accommodating the squeeze worm is provided on the end face of the integral transmission housing, which has a pot-shaped area for accommodating the transmission. Therefore, this transmission mechanism housing can optimally support the transmission mechanism on the one hand, and also the extrusion worm on the other hand, and can be manufactured cost-effectively.
For clamping the bearing flange, a two-part annular clamping flange is advantageously provided. The clamping flange can be mounted on the bearing flange from the outside and is set on the bearing flange with a connecting piece consistent with the bearing flange. The clamping flange is easy to remove when replacing the driving device and is responsible for the radial compression of the bearing flange. According to the structure of the welding machine, this clamping flange can be designed as a simple ring component or as a cooling body with a corresponding cooling surface.
With this structure, both the transmission mechanism and the support mechanism of the extrusion worm can be integrated in a casting. The unique structure prevents the misalignment between the drive shaft and the worm shaft, minimizes the number of machine components, and enables the short structure of the handheld extrusion welding machine, as well as the precise installation and quick disassembly of the drive unit and the extrusion worm become possible.