Types And Uses Of Electrofusion Fittings

- Aug 20, 2018-

In the sales and application of polyethylene pipe system, about 15%~20% of the sales are pipe fittings. The pipe fittings of polyethylene pipe system are mainly divided into hot melt pipe fittings and electric melting pipe fittings, which are used in engineering for price reasons. The amount of medium-melting pipe fittings is more than that of electrofusion fittings, but the electrofusion fittings have important and irreplaceable functions in engineering and maintenance. Especially in the construction, the electrofusion fittings are less affected by the external environment and human factors. Reliability is better and more popular with users. In particular, electrofusion fittings are being used more and more in gas pipe engineering. At the same time, due to the complicated production technology, high cost and high sales price of the electrofusion pipe fittings, the profit margin of the electrofusion pipe fittings production plant is also high, and it has become a hot spot for investment. At the same time, since the base of the electrofusion pipe is made of PE material, together with the PE pipe system composed of the PE pipe, the two major problems of the conventional pipe are solved: corrosion and leakage at the joint.

Its advantages are mainly reflected as follows:

(1) Corrosion resistance: long service life;

(2) No leakage at the joint: It is connected by electrofusion pipe fittings, which essentially ensures the identity of the interface material and structure of the PE pipe system and the pipe itself, and realizes the integration of the joint and the pipe;

(3) It can effectively resist underground movement and end load: after the PE pipe system is connected by welding method, the joint end load will not occur due to the joint end load of this method. At the same time, the stress relaxation characteristics of PE can effectively consume stress by deformation, and therefore, in the joint and the bend, expensive anchoring is not required in most cases. In addition, based on its high toughness, the elongation at break generally exceeds 500%, and the PE piping system has a strong adaptability to uneven settlement of the pipe foundation.