What Is The Difference Between A Fusion Splicer And A Hot Melt Machine?

- Nov 12, 2020-

The hot melt machine bai is the hot du of the heating wire to melt the material to be welded.It does not need to be special for extremely dao materials, such as PE, as long as it is thermally melted.

The use of hot melt machine,

The hot melt connection should be carried out according to the following steps:

Turn on the hot melt to the power supply, and the operating temperature can be started after the indicator light is on;.

When cutting the tube village, the end surface must be on the tube axis.

Generally, pipe cutters or pipe cutters are used for pipe cutting.

A sharp hacksaw can be used when necessary, but the burrs and burrs should be removed from the pipe section after cutting;

The connecting end surface of the pipe village and the pipe fittings must be clean, dry and oil-free;

Use a caliper and a suitable pen to measure and plot the hot melt depth at the end of the tube.

When the pipeline is connected by electrofusion, the following requirements should be met:

a. The fusion part of the electrofusion pipe fitting and the pipe should be kept free from moisture;

b. The connecting end of the electrofusion socket connecting pipe should be cut vertically, and clean cotton cloth should be used to wipe the dirt on the connecting surface of the pipe and pipe fittings, and the insertion depth should be marked, and the skin should be scraped;

c. Straighten the two corresponding connectors so that they are on the same axis;

d. The wire connection between the electric fusion connecting machine and the electric fusion pipe fittings should be correct. Before connecting, check the voltage of the energized heating, and the heating time should comply with the relevant regulations of the manufacturers of electrofusion connection equipment and electrofusion pipe fittings;

e. During the fusion and cooling process, do not move or rotate the electrofusion pipe fittings and fusion pipes, and do not apply any pressure on the connecting pieces;.

f. The standard heating time for electrofusion connection should be provided by the manufacturer, and should be adjusted according to the ambient temperature.