What Is The Difference Between Electric Welding And Hot Welding

- Aug 20, 2018-

Electrofusion welding refers to a method in which an electrofusion tube is placed on two tubes and welded by energizing and heating the electrofusion tube. The hot-melt welding refers to passing two tubes to be welded with a set of fixing devices. The port is milled and heated, and then the two heating pipes are connected to each other to fuse the heating zone. The electric welding is connected to the power source, and the heat welding is performed by a heat gun.

When the steel mesh skeleton composite pipe is connected, the electrofusion welded pipe fittings and the hot-melt welded butt pipe fittings are very different, especially in the geographical environment where the construction difficulty is too high or the use of the gas pipeline has a prominent function, and the electrofusion pipe fittings have a prominent effect. The high price also has its own advantages. The interface yield rate and reliability are higher. Some construction difficulties are relatively lower, and the operation is simpler. Especially the large-diameter pipeline can effectively reduce the labor intensity and indirectly improve the installation efficiency.

These two methods are feasible in practical use. To seek to increase the balance between pipe fitting cost and installation efficiency or reliability, we should consider the best according to the characteristics of the wire mesh skeleton composite pipe project itself. The way.